Self-Regulation Skills in the Classroom

How do you teach self-regulation in the classroom?

Use a Validation Statement First

Help Students Recognize and Label Their Feelings

  • I was frustrated when the traffic jam caused me to be late for work!
  • I feel calm when I see all my students sitting quietly and studying.  

Understand How Triggers Affect Emotions

Understand Options

Use Coping Tools

Perform Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is a well-researched, science-based tool that helps calm our nervous systems. This is another important student self-regulation skill. It works by activating our body’s natural relaxation response. Mindful breathing works by assisting the body in slowing the heart rate, relaxing the body, and improving focus. Teachers can teach students options including balloon breathing, Infinity breathing, box breathing, rainbow breathing, sloth breathing, or finger breathing.

Develop a Calming Plan

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