12 Days of Christmas Activities

One of the best parts of holidays is the anticipation leading up to them. The 12 Days of Christmas activities will help you and your family focus on meaningful activities that will bring you joy and well-being. All 12 of these activities are not just simple and fun, but also proven to strength feelings of well-being and connectedness.

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Day 1: Spend some time outside.

Even when it’s cold outside, we’ve got to get out there and spend time in nature.

Day 2: Forgive someone

Are you still harboring resentment for someone who caused you harm? Choosing to forgive someone can be one of the most challenging and important things that you’ll ever do. Check out these 9 Steps to Forgiveness to learn more.

Day 3: Spend time with your family.

We all get busy with our own lives and activities. However, conn

Day 4: Read a favorite Christmas story

Better yet, read your favorite holiday story aloud with your loved ones.

Day 5: Give the gift of time.

Spend time connecting with someone who needs some love and care. Or, help a neighbor or grandparent clean up their yard.

Day 6: Bake something

Fill your home with the yummy smells from goodies baking in the oven.

Day 7: Catch a snowflake

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that snows, spend some time outside enjoying it. Even if you don’t have snow, enjoy some outdoor time. The benefits of being outdoors for our physical and mental health are immense.

Day 8: Hum your favorite Christmas carol

Feel the health benefits of humming by giving it a try. You’ll experience a slower heart rate and strong feelings of relaxation.

Day 9: Write someone a kind note

Express your gratitude and you’ll receive the benefits as much as the person you give it to. Studies have shown that writing thank you notes increases life satisfaction and increases feelings of happiness. Write one today!

Day 10: Do a hobby.

What do you love to do? Carve out some time to do something you love. It might be playing the piano or an instrument, knitting, gardening, woodworking, photography, cooking or baking, and playing a sport.

Day 11: Let someone else go first.

We are have places to be and things to do, especially in the holiday season. However, it is more important than ever to show patience and graciousness with each other.

Day 12: Say, “Thank you!”

Saying something so simple as “thank you” costs nothing and strengths relationships.

If you would like more ideas and activities during the holiday season, check out our Winter Resiliency Workbook.

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